I cannot access my tokens since I bought in November pre-sale

I bought the Diem token in the pre-sale in November last year using this address 0x89e46ecf8fEa13aADE111aB7a4B2DF855ec9c109

It was $4K+ investment! With a total of 6002.1 DM Tokens, I did receive an order ID but now I can’t access my token!!! How do I access my tokens now? Please someone help? Is there a customer service email or phone?

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Of course friend I can help you out to be able to access your wallet again.

Please show me how to to access the wallet I have with diem coin?

Okay friend, let’s connect on WhatsApp or telegram so that I will guide you on that and to make it more easier.

my whatsapp is 786-705-5074