How to use move-VM in other blockchains?

Hi, I saw

It is a design goal for the Move VM to be independent of the Libra blockchain, so that other blockchains can use it as well. The VM isn’t there yet, but hopefully will be there soon.

in code. Are there any chances that I can test it in my blockchain? If so, how to use it?

We do not yet have guides for this, but there are number of other blockchains that have used/are using the VM: dfinance (, StarCoin (, Solana ( and PRISM ( I would take a look at the code for these projects to get an idea of how they have integrated the VM.

In addition @damirka from dfinance is active on this forum and jolestar from StarCoin is active on Libra GitHub issues. These folks might be able to help with your questions with your questions on using Move outside of Libra.


Thanks for reply! I will take a look at these blockchain projects.