How to produce libra coin?

Hello, I’m from new here. Not understanding how to produce libra coin here. can anyone give me an understanding of libra?

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Only Libra association can do this. It’s not open to public. You can read the white paper.

Ok thanks for your answer,

Read the whitpaper.

On the testnet, you can produce coins by following:


So you mean iam able to priduce my libracoins

Am i able to do it on the phone

No, only on Mac/Linux. Please see the instructions here:


my libra acoounts and coins, created and produced by this instructions, exist only during the session of connection to a validator node running on the Libra testnet. I have to create new accounts every time i connect to validator node. Is it normal, or i do smth wrong? Thanks in advance

The CLI offers an option to save/load accounts. You can use this to persist your accounts

Thanks for quick response. I’m using - account write and account recover commands but after writing and recovering minting is impossible. The “Mint request submitted” message is shown, but the account balance doesn’t change. What should i do to go on minting after writing/recovering?
Thanks in advance

the same problem Mint doesn't work under linux ubuntu

It seems there was an issue. We have now reset testnet and the issue should be resolved. Can you please try again?

FYI… Now it is fixed. Thanks, Team

Thank you very much, it started working properly:grinning: