How to join as the testnet validator?

Hi, what’re the requirements? and how? Is it open for public or somehow?

I am guessing you have to become a member of the Libra Association.


I have read from the develop blog there have been:

  • Deployed nodes: 7
  • In-process nodes: 6
  • In-process nodes without a technical team: 8

I am curious about how to join them.

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Thanks for the question! The section of the article you reference is about our pre-mainnet, which is a version of our testnet that is available only for Libra Association members. You can learn more about the Libra Association and its members here:

Thanks for your reply!
Is the pre-mainnet available for Libra Association you mention the same as the testnet we can interact with libra cli refer to the libra documentation

These are currently separate networks.

Usually when we refer to ‘testnet’ here we are referring to the testnet referenced in the CLI docs,

Pre-mainnet is currently internal to Association members, but the goal is to open it as soon as we possibly can. The focus right now is on integration testing, but once things are stable we will definitely open it up.

Thank you for the reply!
As the ‘testnet’ is different from ‘pre-mainnet’ which requires joining Libra Association to become a validator node, how about joining the ‘testnet’ (CLI reference) validator node requirements? Also needs to be a member of Libra Association? or open for public register?

The testnet is open to public. Follow the instruction below.

Thanks! I have tried these cli instructions. However, I am curious about being the public testnet validator node.

i am not 100% sure but i assume it’s not mentioned except running locally.

Maybe somebody from calibra will answer you officially

FYI, we’ll be starting another OpenLibra Devnet soon, which anyone is welcome to join:


Unfortunately the testnet is not able to be joined by the public at the moment. We release there pretty frequently and need to ensure it can be upgraded quickly as well as has high availability. If you would like to join a network you should definitely look at the OpenLibra link above.

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Get it! Thanks for your reply! :grinning:

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When can we buy libra cryptocurrency before the launch date…
Link please

The public Libra testnet is available for testing purposes only. You will only be able to buy Libra coins after launch. In the meantime, we encourage you to help us by getting involved on our testnet–try a transaction: