How to buy libra

Kindly let me know how can I buy libra online and mail me at

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Hi @lokeshgoyal,

The libra right now, hasn’t been launched yet. You have to wait untill mid 2020. You can update info from here. Or maybe want to try the wallet and testnet.
Here you can try the wallet:

And testnet:

Those three stille experimental, but you can simulate and try to add your wallet.

Or maybe you love to build your own testnet or trying move programming, feel free to look around in this helpful group.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face::coffee:

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I’m from India and want to work in this as a investor and networker. If possible can you help me to teach further

Hi I’m your brother of Little India (Mauritius) Country of Mauritian Origin. I’m also like you striving in life and in search of development for my family and my country as you. I am just an entrepreneur and has no qualification and experiences in coding or programing or crypto developer.
It seems It should be you to welcome me as you started earlier than me and I noted you already have received the necessary link and have your questions answered but your question is still active to any newcomers and even to all community members do not know all response regarding libra and its operations
This platform exist to regroup developers who at the same time learn from each other and the leading team will give their decisions as to who sell, who buys, wallet issues, when, where and how to proceeds.
Mardoche (Harold Marie)
:mauritius: Libra (Mauritius)