How to build explorer for testnet on PHP?

Hi everyone,

Would you guys help me understanding how would be the approach for running MOVE commands via PHP?

I wish to build something similar to what @Diskin have developed on but in PHP.

All I need is a very small sample of how to execute MOVE commands via PHP, for instance, creating an account and print the command outcome.

That would be enough to build up from there.

Otávio Souza.

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you need to figure out how to make the grpc calls from php, not MOVE commands and then the rest is fairly straightforward. You can use my code for examples of how the calls are made and grpc has docs about php here I never tried using protobuf / grpc in PHP so I can’t help much more


Hi @Diskin, thanks for the tips.
I’ll dig into the subject.

I will take a deeper look into your code.

Thank you.

We recently open source a PHP library to work with Libra that might be useful for you.

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