How Libra's governance structure works?

Hello, Libra Team.

I would like to inquire about Libra’s governance structure.

Can an general person like me propose a governance agenda?

Are all governance proposals only available to Association members?

I wonder how Libra’s governance work is.

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Hi Byun,

Thanks for your question! The developer community is invited to participate in the governance of the Libra Network via Libra Improvement Proposals, or LIPs. We have a page describing the role of LIPs and how they’re processed here:

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Hi @Byun. Thanks for the question. You’ll find information about how the Association functions here, as well as general information about governance:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

@jd119 Thanks Could I know specific governance structures? The following is an example question.

  • Who makes the decision on the composition of the board of directors?
  • Do association members(or working groups have regular meetings?
  • Do members or boards have an election cycle?