How could I destroy resources?

Question 1:
Does a resource have to be destroyed after it is created? If so, in what ways can I destroy resources? In the code, I find several ways to destroy the resource and compile the code successfully:
(1)_ = move(x) ;
(2)move_to_sender and so on ;
(3)Define the procedure of resource destruction as below:

public destroy_t(t: Self.T) {
            let money: LibraCoin.T;
            T{ money } = move(t);

Are there other ways to destroy resources?

Question 2:
I noticed that Libra has an administrator account. What privileges does that account have?

Question 3:
Is the way to release the borrow the same as the way to destroy the resource?

Question 4:
I noticed that some functions have a modifier native. What does this modifier mean?

Question 5:
I notice that the function originally named borrow_global has been renamed borrow_global_mut. Does borrow_global still exist?

You might find this resource helpful:

Thank you very much. I’ve read the white paper, but I still can’t find the answer:sob:

Replied here: How could I understand the keyword "acquires"?

Hi! @Likun

You can find a lot of information on Move syntax and principles in the Move Book.