Helping africa to cross

In the article MarkZuckerbeng to testify in the US. on Facebook digital currency plan.the criticism from regulators &lawmakers in the United States & Europe, Senate banking committees said the cryptocurrency would not be launched without regulatory approval. I think regulation was not the case and crime holding against Libra coin .but the fear of what the coin willdo and become positively. Marcus&others Facebook executives have claimed the digital coin could help lower cost for global money transfer & help those without access to the banking of the Major problem&crisis in Africa is accessing the banking system in which undevelop Africa population economy because of lack to access finance yet financial inclusion was introduced but it effort little felt in Africa, take Nigeria as case study according to EFLNA survey report of December 2018 only39.5million of the 99.6 million Nigerian adult are bankable, what about the whole Africa,how many people do you think will be unbankable or under bank? What Libra coin is coming to do in Africa is to help Africa &Africa’s to cross and close that gap of financial inclusion issues that United States, Europe, world bank&others are trying to achieve on before2020, what is the crime of Libra coin if the coin will help lower cost for global money transfers & help those without access to the bank system to have their financial access then what is the crime in that,hope is not to much for Africa to embraced, greater opportunities that will help Africa’s to live above 2-3 dollar perday in Africa & to have hope of future next through Libra coin. Now that Africa is embracing digital financial inclusion value chain& developed countries are trying to help to increase internet peneration,lmprovedfinancial services, reduce poverty & improve livelihood, this shows thatlibra coincan also provide final financial solution in Africa.then from my point of view Libra coin agent banking services can workout&help financial inclusion value chain orientation program that willmake every Africa’s bankable &globalpreneurial,soif you want the whole Africa to vote for accessible coin which give accessible & more easy social network, Africa’s will vote Libra coin , but I will be proud to be the ambassador of Libra coinafrica if need be astylar perry say in is inspirational speech says can someone help me to cross as MarkZuckerbeng,Marcus &other Facebook executives want to make the whole western world to cross also I want to join to help make Africa to cross through Libra coin, thanyou:always positive olatunde Africa aggregator for Libra coin.


You need to show a solution Trail an templates of implementation… Can you do these an let’s evaluate and treat analysis with a 3rd level touching down on real cases, okay. Nice pull out.