what is libraglobalcoin.io ? I found in this community it’s legit ? They mentioned for buy and sell Libra


I can’t imagine that this site is legit, because Libra is still in testnet. There aren’t any coins for purchase. Beware of scammers!


I’m so happy about that development where libra can be purchase and sold. Is there someone to help with transactions.
I faced recently some problems regarding the payment and transfer system regarding libracoins/crypto like etherium/fiducial. I think a better swap with Visa/Maestro will be useful. I also have some problem trensfer etherium to buy/sell libra. I have the following apps libradragon, swft blockchain, TT and UPLibra wallet.
Thank you for your support.

Harold Marie
:mauritius: Libra Mauritius

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@Grandmaster @Mardoche As has been noted several times within this community, the only official Libra site is libra.org. No Libra Coins have been issued, and the Libra Association is not currently involved in any offering of Libra Coins. In the meantime, you can use our public testnet to explore building products and services that will work on the Libra Blockchain.

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So what is action form Libra to catch that scammer?