HackLibra 30 day online hackathon winners announced!

Congratulations to winners:

1 Sebra
2 Libra Wallet POC
3 Help24

with Honorable mention: Libra Auth

“HackLibra Winners” by hacklibra https://link.medium.com/d2ico6Xw5Z

Sebra is an MVP app for online vendors to collect payments/donations through Libra.

Libra Wallet POC developed a proof of concept of a Libra wallet with mobile & hardware wallet implementations. With this project the team wanted to develop a wallet that makes it easy for users to send and receive Libra coins on their smartphones.

Help24 implemented a slackbot capable of basic interaction with Libra, such as account creation, account import, balance check, token mint on the testnet and token transfer.

Libra Auth implemented an authentication method utilizing a transaction over the Libra testnet.

Stayed tuned for future hackathons!


Thanks HackLibra, for organizing this - look forward to the next one!