GUI based Local network Manager

i built a GUI based tool thats helps quickly spin up and manage local personal Libra blockchain the goal is to stream line the entire process from installing dependencies to starting the network to just a few clicks


Start your network with any number of nodes with just one click


Visually see the number of validator nodes running, and connection info for each


comes with an inbuilt explorer for the local network


Built-in faucet service to quickly mint and send test libra to any address


Comes with an instance of the native libra client, with auto suggestions, to run your move code etc

You can download it here and let me know what you think
the source code for the same will be published soon.
file a bug report for any issues i havnt gotten time to fully test the linux build so it might be unstable


What is the oldest macOS version supported?

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When will you publish the source code? It makes me a bit suspicious that the git repository only contains a readme file and I would have to install a binary without knowing the contents.

But if this is legit, it’s a pretty cool project.

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i have tested only on 10.14.6 i have an older mac with 10.12.6 i will try to fire this up and run some tests

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source code will be published in the next couple of days, i just have to do few documentations and clean up to make it easy for anyone to contribute.
The app file is signed and also notarized by apple this process includes a scan if that makes you feel better and if we go by your argument i guess we will never install any app that is not open source :grinning:

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is there a chance you publish on mac app store ? i would be more confident to install for sure


You probably know it too, that the crypto scene is filled with all kinds of scams so I hope you understand my take on this. I personally would not install anything from a random page without either being able to build it by myself and review the code or without the project having a reputation I can trust. App store or a trusted repository helps with this.

But I’ll be happy to test it out and even contribute after you publish the source :+1:


same here, cannot install with not a hint of trust. Maybe some admin here can install on a dumb machine ?

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