grpc-web libraries JavaScript issue

I tried to connect to the libra node through grpc-web:

cost client = new AdmissionControlPromiseClient( "", null, null);

And I got this response:

Maybe someone knows why it happened or has good working client Js examples?

Hi, please have a look at this:

The bad news is that it’s not yet compatible with the latest testnet push. I will probably fix it by this weekend.

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I want connect to libra node straight (to throw client js, because server side api implementation has request limits.

That is not possible, since grpc-web is not compatible with grpc.

However, the proxy is stateless and transparant.

BTW. I have fixed gopherjs-libra. Now it works with the latest testnet.

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To make it clear, I’d like to think Envoy, which is the grpc-web-to-grpc translation tool, as a proxy (just like Nginx), instead of a server side API provider or software. Envoy is not related to libra project at all, and is very mature and widely-used.

That’s why I’d say gopherjs-libra is ‘pure-frontend’.

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Thank you for reply, I understand now, why my angular client code doesn’t work ((