Go Libra Client

Hi Everyone,

Golang client to interact with Libra Blockchain. The package is still under heavy development and contribution is welcomed.

What you get from the current implementation.

  1. Generate Address
  2. Get Account State
  3. Mint Coin from faucet

Working on coin transfer and so much more

Feel free to contribute by opening issues or PR’s


Good to see a fellow Gopher

Taking a look now, great stuff so far!

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Sweet! I’m building something that overlaps a little. I’d like to work together on some of the core stuff. Basically, I’m building a Hashicorp Vault plugin that will serve as a Libra wallet. Ultimately, I think this will be dual use:

  1. An enterprise class Libra Wallet;
  2. A REST-based proxy for Libra.

I’ll post this separately too… It is VERY early, but I wanted to get the idea out there now.

Hashicorp Vault plugin for Libra

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