Fraudulent site

New to the forum as it appears to be the only way to actually contact anyone associated with diem in any way.

I came across this site “” in a Bitcoinist article yesterday (June 16th), and it’s saying it’s a softlaunch site and that you can purchase diem with either bitcoin or ethereum. Has anyone come across this one? Is it legit or a fraud?


Hi Christopher,

This is a fraudulent site. Thanks for notifying the Diem association. We will pursue them to take it down



Hi Venky,
Thanks for the follow up.

Might I suggest that the association have a more user friendly way for the general public to ask/raise this sort of issue. I’m thrilled that you got back to me, but I suspect the average user will not go to the effort of joining the development community. :slight_smile:


Is this the fake diem wallet?

I uaed it and bought some diem but bow its closed.

There are no public diem wallets available. Diem is not even launched yet.

This site is still up and still taking money from people. I was also directed to it from that Bitcoinist article. Took me for a few hundred. Hopefully someone shuts them down soon. The website is

So did I. It’s not real.

I wrote to Bitcoinist about the article but have not heard anything back. It would be useful for Diem to contact Bitcoinist about the article, get a retraction printed, get the article flagged or pulled, contact the writer and challenge them on their source checking, etc. This is ultimately going to hurt Diem’s brand and general consumer trust in it and other cryptocurrencies.

Anyone know how to make that happen?