Fixed 58 out of date move scripts in functional test

Many old move functional_tests scripts are not working after update.
I go through all scripts in functional_tests and fixed 58 out of date move scripts in the functional_tests.

I fix all the out of date move scripts and update them already.
Please check the detailed pull request: #884
I test all of them in the latest compiler in LibraIDE (

The scripts name that I send pull request are listed as below:



















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Please see my comments on the PR. Thanks!

Hi Gao~

Thank you for your feedback. We build the compiler bin in the Libra project and try to use compiler ( to compile the scripts. We think the devs will try to compile the scripts in the functional_tests to have a try but I think the compiler will not compile succeed at present. That is why we think the scripts are not working. We use the latest compiler bin but no matter compile -m or compile directly cannot output correct info.

We build LibraIDE ( ) and it is free for developers to design and compile their move scripts without setting up the environment. We update the compiler bin and set it backend. I think the tests are ok but the compile by bin will not succeed.