Explicit memory management

Move bytecode in future will be have a Garage collection, just like python or go?


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Move has automated memory management, but it does not do any sort of asynchronous garbage collection in the style of Python or Go. Move’s memory management strategy is most similar to Rust: all values have a unique owner (either a local variable, stack location, or global resource). When a value no longer has an owner or the owner goes out of scope (only applicable to locals/stack, globals never go out of scope), the memory for the value is reclaimed.

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Hi Sam,

Thanks so much to clear me up, as Rust sets its memory management is manual and the programmer has explicit control over where and how memory is allocated and deallocated.

MOVE language claims it refers to Rust, in the way, I misunderstood the subtle differences between them.

Where can I find any clues on that from Libra official website?

Thank you.