Experimental Explorer for Libra testnet - feel free to use it

I needed this to make testing easier so I decided to make it available to anyone that may need it. This is just a very small developer tool that I cobbled up quickly to provide an easy web interface to interact with Libra testnet and view accounts. It isn’t meant to be pretty, so don’t complain on design :slight_smile:

I might continue to develop it if I see interest in the community and have the time. I know it is currently lacking features like - seeing more account TXs, checking for specific TX, more ability to review events, …

Hopefully it will be useful to you


The server was moved to https://librabrowser.io


Interesting, how did you pull the data out from the node? Does the client come with RPC endpoints?

it actually does but for speed I just automated the control of the node. This is causing a lot of slowness in the page, I’ll either have to cache a copy or switch to rpc /hack the client…

I assume these are grpc endpoints ? I can’t seem to locate the documentation for the right way to call these

Senior level designer here…
will check it out… and can provide design for it if need be…

Will you share the source code?

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try looking here: https://github.com/libra/libra/blob/master/client/src/grpc_client.rs at least for the basic client functionality…

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thanks :slight_smile:
I was really too lazy but it seems to have hurt the artistic preferences of many friends so someone is already working on a new design, will probably put it up tomorrow…

@saeveritt yes, eventually - after I develop it a bit more and clean up my crude hacks to get it up fast I’ll put it on GitHub under this account


Ok great - thank you

Just sent some Libra to your account… Great jobt! TY


Nice stuff @Diskin! :raised_hands:

Did you right an http wrapper lib? If so, care to share? Otherwise, we’re working on one.

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@Ac3B0x - thanks :slight_smile:

@ekryski - yeah, I wrote a wrapper to the client library. I’m still working on it and will share once the code is cleaner and with additional functionality. It is too hacked to share ATM…


Hi All,
A couple of updates:

  • There is a new design for the front page (screenshot below) - probably the rest of the site as well in a few hours.
  • There is a new feature to see the transaction at a specific height - click the “latest blocks” link on the top right


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ping me if help needed for testing :cowboy_hat_face:

libra_swarm -s (run client) it looks only local network.
So, I ve search accounts it’s balance is 0.
do you inform , connect node p2p ?

Hey @Diskin this is great work. Would appreciate if you can help with what changes and where that needs to be done in the libra repo.

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how do you send libra from one account on testnet to an other?

Here you go https://developers.libra.org/docs/my-first-transaction#transfer-money