Error: Compiling admission-control-proto v0.1.0

Hi I’m new to Libra and attempting to run it by following the 5 commands via the try libra page. I’m compiling it on an Amazon Linux EC2 instance via running ./scripts/cli/ I’ve updated cmake and protoc and am now stuck with an error when compiling admission-control-proto v0.1.0
This message repeats 16 times then fails. Does anyone have any idea why or suggestions about troubleshooting?

error[E0277]: the trait bound `proto::admission_control::SubmitTransactionRequest: prost::message::Message` is not satisfied

--> /home/ec2-user/gits/libra/target/debug/build/admission-control-proto-95f01606136fb654/out/
135 |             self.inner.unary(request.into_request(), path, codec).await
    |                        ^^^^^ the trait `prost::message::Message` is not implemented for `proto::admission_control::SubmitTransactionRequest`
    = note: required because of the requirements on the impl of `tonic::codec::Codec` for `tonic::codec::prost::ProstCodec<proto::admission_control::SubmitTransactionRequest, _>`

Question: which git revision are you on?

Also, you might try to do a rm -rf target and try again.

Do you have the most recent version of the libra code base? It seems you’re on the wrong version of tonic.

@jd119 I’m using master branch - 1581c93852b22c3230819880522608ad5c096944
@sunmilee I cloned this straight from github per “git clone && cd libra”

So I decided to delete everything and start all over again hoping that it would work now that Cmake and Protoc are update. I was able to compile all the packages but then failed to finish due to a linking ‘cc’ error. After reading another post mentioning that error I looked at my logs and saw that I’m running out of memory. So I’m going to upgrade my EC2 Instance and try again.

Success! I created a new instance that seems overkill probably as I’m seeing that I’m only using about 2.4 GB of memory and very little cpu. I only had to install git, gcc, gcc-c++, and cmake3 to install and run testnet via the script. Thanks for the help everyone.