Energy Use | Environmental Accounting

There’s international environmental accounting works underway. One of the major problems with former solutions like bitcoin, is that there’s a lack of consideration for energy consumption traits of the solution.

I expect Libra to be far, far better - which should, in an environmentally sustainable manner, result in the means for Libra to support a lower ‘real-world’ floor-price for a transaction (to a fraction of a cent, without expending more energy than the face value of the transaction itself).

An illustration of something that is not working is:

There are many cryptocurrencies, is anyone aware of a study that’s been undertaken that better looks at the competitive advantages brought about by libra - by association to this, environmental accounting consideration.

Also - is there any consideration about the difference between a libra produced using renewable energy vs. something that uses fossil fuels… (as an example); or something that denotes protection from issues that are similar to ‘blood diamonds’, etc.

This topic in-turn correlates to my previous post: Ethical Finance Compatible?