Docker container images for Libra


It would be great if we have some ready made Docker container images for different specialized Libra purposes (learning in Testnet, developing, …).

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Great idea! We are looking into how we’ll do this. Stay tuned on this thread.

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@DameMak: We now have a way for you to create a Docker image locally for running the client: Improving developer experience using Libra command-line client.

We are also working on uploading pre-built images to a public container registry.


Creation of a local Docker image went smooth as charm :slight_smile: .

It took around 11 minutes to download and compile everything. It was not a case with my attempt to build the Libra core on my MacOS Mojave.

Initial transactions with Testnet went smooth as well.

Thank you.

To create docker, just run the script build

All a smooth, just abit slow due because all are compiled and optimized.

If you just want to have a quick image to play around with CLI
docker run -it golery/libra_client:latest
docker run -it golery/libra_e2e:latest
docker run -it golery/libra_mint:latest