CryptoZombies (Free Online Course/Code School) - Libra / Move Edition Upcoming!

I’m a big fan of contract programming and the crypto zombies - a free (code school) online course. The great news a libra / move edition is upcoming!


The page says:
Learn Libra Blockchain Development by Creating Your Own Simple Game Using the Move Programming Language…

If anyone has some more info, please tell. Cheers. Prost.

PS: I’ve added the Crypto Zombies (Libra/Move Edition) to the Awesome Libra page / link collection too, see


Hi there, Gerald.

I just noticed your post while adding our CryptoZombies Libra course announcement. Thank you for linking to CryptoZombies and adding it to the Code Schools list :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll be putting the first part of the course online within the next week!

Here’s the announcement that just went up: Announcing a free, open source code school for Facebook’s Libra Blockchain