Creating a swarm configuration

I’m interested in setting up a few validator/full nodes locally. I already managed to do so with an older version of Libra, using the config-builder tool. However, that tool apparently has been removed, also see this commit.

So I’m looking for alternatives to quickly generate config files for a local cluster. I found the Diem genesis tools, however, the documentation seems to be outdated and the commands are not working. After some inspection of the code, I managed to get the first command running (creating a layout) but I would prefer to avoid these manual actions. After a bit more digging, I found some tools for setting up a swarm which seems to provide what I need. If this tool is capable of generating the configuration files, I can change the TCP bind addresses myself later to match the machines. However, this swarm configuration seems to be used by the unit tests, and there is no binary/executable to create this configuration.

Can anyone help me further with creating the necessary configuration files?