Creating a structure that would enable LIBRA to buy up other viable Tokens and Project that Would make LIBRA ECO-FRIENDLY

I presented these on our Telegram group and request it be considered as strategy to fast track the adaption of LIBRA BLOCKCHAIN and Crypto currency within regions controlled by other weaker crypto and social digital assets.
Good afternoon to the Team of Leadership and fellow mentors and developers, I do like to propose on this platform that a structure be put in place to fast track the takeover of viable, however dormant and non performing social media projects like and other bright token projects with sound concepts, however lacking the required funding, on very clear terms forwarded and approved by the LIBRA ASSOCIATION after a business analysis and financial evaluation on the proposed digital company taken-over is dutifully completed and published… with there assets having migrated into LIBRA BLOCKCHAIN is tested and proven to have prerequisites of a profiting venturing…to our ecosystem.

Their top partners & stakeholders will be guided to migrate and required to convert there Crypto-currencies to becoming an adaptation of LIBRA’S values shored upwards and conversion or coopted into LIBRA. Redefining there values assets as protected and the re-evaluation at the various exchanges… Including at Gemini Exchange and with Aquarium tokens of

This buying out proposal would overall be increasing the reputation of the crypto currency space and digital economy, which would be the exclusive takeover advantage of LIBRA.

And with the timing and study of global economic activities indication of interest to this falling crypto currency and project LIBRA would take over their regions and assets with the user base an via OpenLIBRA or PLIBRA most other viable Cryptos could fast track the growth plans and replacing their token brands with LIBRA.

Most of these earlier hasty digital assets projects are already ‘soul-dead’ or absent presently of any ideas going forward…

I have being around and I can speak with very slim chances of error on the performance of several digital assets at least over 75% of my engagement with all successful digital assets…,however not without the personal cost and lost to me.

A veritable and long standing legacy for LIBRA however will come at the prize of eagle sharp focus and dedication to sound principles and patterns of business practices…

Adapting quickly and with knowledge-informed decisions relevance to our immediate neighborhood…
A reliable authority for all our developed key structures in the dynamic LIBRA ECOSYSTEM…to becoming the standard for next digital Era…

The out come of these industry emergence within the world’s digital economy…is not without LIBRA’ direct or indirect actions to change the narratives turning the tides…creating the desired disruption

The various team levels must also avoid becoming exhausted or sucked into exhaustion, however doesn’t mean we should not venture out…We should be thinking out off the box, considering the prizes of greater returns…Thank you.


I have to clarify that pLIBRA is NOT A TOKEN BASED ON LIBRA!
pLIBRA is a service to protect Libra users’ privacy. The system will create pLIBRA automatic ONLY when people are transfering Libra into pLIBRA service for privacy purpose!