Coordinating Documentation Translation Early

Hey everyone!

One note I wanted to get us potentially started on was making sure that Libra Core and Developer documentation is translated into major global languages early to prevent lopsided community development in English-speaking countries vs. non-English speaking regions.

This bit the Ethereum community in the behind a bit, and is something we’re currently, retroactively supporting. To give everyone an idea of how the Ethereum Foundation coordinates a global documentation translation effort, here are the high level steps and resources:

  1. Google documents (or github repos) of all documentation are organized for iterative and collaborative development

  2. Community call to action (preferably measured by some incentive token and coordinated via online sign up process) is put out

  3. Translator contributor leads are provided an invitation to the Ethereum Foundation’s Crowdin platform account where they’re assigned a Translator Role for their language of interest after signing up. CrowdIn is a crowdsourced action completion software that helps decentralized movement toward a shared goal. Ethereum Foundation’s sign up link, for example, can be found here:

On the platform, we can see their participation rate by searching their usernames on the dashboard page as below.

  1. Translation efforts for parts of documentation in different languages managed on platform and then final review for each piece of documentation completed when leads are finished with first draft.

  2. Continued iteration

Obviously, this starts with translating the website then moving toward other parts of the documentation repository.

Let me know your thoughts!


Translate into Russian please…

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