Cloning Libra

New here, though not a neophyte to blockchain and cryptocurrency. I am digesting everything I can about Libra, and I have a question. What does it mean to “clone Libra”? Thanks in advance.

What is the context where you’ve read that? My best guess is that it refers to cloning the GitHub repository for Libra core (

Hi eduriol,
Thanks much for chiming in. I saw it in this page: Yes, it goes to Github.

My question is, with the concept of “cloning” Libra. Are we talking about becoming a node?

No, it’s not a concept that applies particularly to Libra but to GitHub. It means (more or less) copying the source code from GitHub to your computer, so that you can experiment with the code and make changes to it and then sending those changes back to GitHub for approval. More info: