ChainIDE - first IDE for the Libra Move Language

On June 25th, we have released the ChainIDE, the world’s first cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) for Move, the brand new programming language developed for the Facebook Libra.

Due to the Internet connectivity issues, it is typical for Chinese domestic developers to spend at least an hour to prepare the compilable environment for Move, which is currently only available in macOS and Linux. Under this circumstance, ChainIDE has undoubtedly helped thousands of MOVE developers and researchers to save their meaningless marginal cost of the “one hour”. It’s the magic of time to write one’s own Move program in three seconds.

We hope this will help more developers around the world to get quick start on Move:smile:
ChainIDE - Swift, Simple, Smart (


That’s really nice and helpful! I remember using Remix-IDE, a similar product for Ethereum, the first time and realized what difference it makes if there is some kind of online tool to enable people trying out this stuff. But even more, it’s useful for presentations, rapid prototyping and so much more.

Of course it’s always easy to find things which are still necessary to have, but one would be very great for adoption: being able to deploy contracts to a local testnet or, with simple private key support for providing “gas”, to deploy to the Testnet.

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Aha~ Thanks a lot! We will update more features recently! XD

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Fantastic! Was just looking for this! It would be good if you have a simple token implementation template. Could increase the learning curve using MOVE.


Update on July 17,

  1. fixed bugs & UI issues in ChainIDE.
  2. add in resources and modules starters can follow.
  3. we use global CDN to accelerate our service.
    We are proud that we help a lot of developers around the world to compile their first Move script.
    We will release more features this week XD

Any docs available?

Does it have an emulator that uses testnet?

Hi Team ,
I am trying to run the Basic Move Program as below “” :–
hello = ^(name){ "Hello "+name }
repeat {times: 3} ^{
print hello {name: “Mahesh”}
Which is running on Linux with calling nodeJs Program as “MoveTest.js” below :–

var foo = require("./Hello");

Kindly let me know how i have to run the above “” program in the MOVE current IDE.

Rakesh Jha

Hello all~
Thanks a lot community. I think the most concerned questions are around how to execute move language now. In our ChainIDE, you can compile our templates such as transfer.mvir, fields_read.mvir and recursion.mvir.

We will have a big feature update which can help all the devs directly execute their own scripts recently. We think this can help devs much more easier.