Can't get transactions list with libra-grpc lib

libra-grpc v 0.07 (latest)

const client = new libra.Client('');

const test = async () => {
  /** Get account state */

  /** Get transactions */
  params = {
    start_version: 1,
    limit: 10,
    fetch_events: true,
  client.request('get_transactions', params).then(transactions => {
    console.log('Transactions', transactions);

Results: `AssertionError: Failure: Invalid wire type: 7 (at position 133)`

How can I fix it? Or can you advise another lib for node.js?

You can try MoveOnLibra rest API, the result is json:

Can I do that without third-party API?

Sir, why very last transaction is 9 hours ago in dev testnet?
Also, do i need to connect dev net via the proxy?

Some examples: