Cannot retrieve transactions using updateToLatestLedger after Libra Update

Hello, I’m having some issues when I attemped to retrive a transaction using UpdateToLatestLedger with the GetAccountTransactionBySequenceNumberRequest.
Don’t know why, the SignedTransactions is comming empty.

The signedTx.SignedTransaction.SignedTxn has length zero.

I also checked this transaction, in a Libra Explorer and it seems to be working properly, so I assume that is not an issue with the Libra Core.

Thanks in advance to all.

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Hi, @dbascans. Just to confirm, when you say the SignedTransaction is empty, does it mean resp.SignedTransactionWithProof is null and you get "GetTransaction request did not return a signed transaction.", or it’s not null and you get an empty bytearray for result in the else branch?

Also could you paste the code snippet instead of using a screenshot, so it’s easier to copy/paste the address you are querying :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your anwser!, but to solve this issue I just had to update de .proto files.
Also there are changes in the byteArray that comes in the transaction object.

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The SignedTxn has been rename to transaction because there are 3 trasnsaction types now:

  1. SignedTransaction
  2. WriteSet
  3. BlockMetadata

And SignedTransaction may rename to UserTransaction in the future.

BYW: I wrote a libra explorer, which are more sutiable to programmers. To see a transaction detail, for example No 1690, visit

Not all Transaction are payment transaction, so Libra Explorer’s desgin is not always correct.

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Want to know what’s in the well known genesis transaction?
Visit this:

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