Cannot create account for new Discussions

I noticed that got revamped and no longer points to It has a tab to a “Discussions” forum instead. So, some questions:

  1. is going to be deprecated in favor of Discussions?
  2. how can third-party developers participate on Discussions? I didn’t see any sign up or registration links- just the Okta SSO dialog.

Hi - thanks for posting. The site still has a link back to this Community forum at this time. We hope to bring more organization to these threads going forward: transfer the Community categories to Discussions for actual topics, and use the Announcements feature to post notices.

We do have a new Discussion area where we are trying a few things:
Reviewing prior postings in Community that can serve as useful FAQs
Pulling questions posted, and trying to get answers from our team and updating on the Discussions forum going forward
And we’ll reach out to folks who posted on the What I Made to see if we can re-post on the new Discussions as well.

The Okta log in - Discussions post should be allowed with just a name and email. If you’re getting that ask, it’s a bug and we’ll look into it asap.


Looks like the Okta login issue is fixed. I’ll start using for new non-code related questions. I’ll keep track of old posts on