Can validator process multiple transactions from the same sender account during one block of transactions inclusion?

Hi there,
According to the Libra blockchain technical paper: libra technical paper, on Page 21 Paragraph 1:

Because the mempool processes multiple transactions at a time, it can perform checks such as validating that a sequence of operations on the same address can all pay for gas that the admission control system cannot.

Does this mean the mempool could make the transactions parallel? If so, then how to make the sequence under the same account consistent?
Or it is just the same as Ethereum that only one transaction could be committed to the block in one time. After the block is confirmed in the chain, then the transaction with next nonce (sequence here) could be processed.
This part puzzled me a lot and what the truth of libra core implementation here?


@MattWangming, for a single account, multiple transactions can be included in a single block. So let’s say Alice has an account with next sequence number of 5. Alice can submit transactions with sequences 5, 6, 7, 8, 10. In this case, depending on the gas price of the transactions, 5, 6, 7, 8 could all be included in a single block. 10 could not be because 9 is missing and must be executed before 10 is ready.


@kph That’s awesome! Thanks to your narrative explanation, it make the multiple transactions under the same account in a single block commit possible as well as keep the sequence of account consistent.

Hey. It seems to me that you have not studied the technical documentation carefully enough and are trying to transfer your ideas about the problems of standard blockchains to this new language, which excludes them from the beginning. You need a fresh look from the side:

Hi, @Teketkom, thanks for your info.