Can Move build up a payment system?

i don’t know Move so far only to do a payment behavior.

Is’t possible to make a payment infrastructure through Move language?

or Libra planned to let Move not only just to be a smart contract language, but also to be a general use language.


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I’m not sure I understand this question. Is there a specific use-case that you are wondering about? If you can describe it, hopefully we can answer whether it is possible (and/or makes sense) to do in Move.

Here is what the Move white paper says on this point if it’s helpful:

The Libra mission is to enable a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers
billions of people. The Move language is designed to provide a safe, programmable foundation
upon which this vision can be built. Move must be able to express the Libra currency and governance
rules in a precise, understandable, and verifiable manner. In the longer term, Move must be capable
of encoding the rich variety of assets and corresponding business logic that make up a financial

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for your reply.

The payment system sounds kinda too way generalized application. What I meant was that, is it possible to use the MOVE language to make other applications, say, a wallet like Calibra, or a data analysis like Python, or even infrastructure
like Java, except for smart contract?

As to the Calibra, is there any parts of construction using Move language, or Rust, or maybe C++?