Call Move script from external program


I want to know how can we call move script from external application I’ve developped a web site using perl and would like to know how to interact within Move.

Thanks in advance

Alexandre Jaquet

You can only call four scripts now:

  1. create_account
  2. mint
  3. peer_to_peer_transfer
  4. rotate_authentication_key

Packed script code into a SignedTransaction and submit through grpc, or you can use a third-party client library to complete these details.

Thx Yuan for responding I found the 4 script. SignedTransaction come from grpc or Move ? I google it and found only documentation on Corda.

SignedTransaction is a data structure and protobuf message in Libra.

Could you think I can write some code based on unit test

Maybe you can use Perl’s system function to call libra commoand provided libra-client