Building Communities ... not

This site or forum is “” - but it actually is no community at all. I don’t want to go into details about what or what-not a community is, this is highly subjective of course, but I can state that from what I have seen in my (dev) life about communities, I can for sure say that this is none and I am pretty sure it will stay like this.

Why do I think so?

There are no discussions going on at all in this “community” forum. There have been many questions asked and not answered. The organizers seem to think that they have to answer questions 100% correctly and as they are afraid of doing that wrong, they just don’t do anything or give no-value answers like “stay tuned, we will write about it, sometime”. This is not how communities are supposed to work.

Of course, a community cannot be built like that, but some decisions lead to the current state: why not learning from other cryptos and choosing eg. reddit for a forum? I know Ethereum quite well and if you want to see what I understand as “community”, just look at /r/ethereum or /r/ethdev or even /r/ethtrader. Same goes for all the subprojects, like MakerDAO, topics like DeFi… Some are successful, some not, but at least they started right.

Why are there no people from the existing (dev) group bringing up all kind of topics? Comparisons with other Blockchains, Payment Providers, Technologies. Information about finance, regulatory hurdles, kyc/aml… There are (not very detailed) blog posts every ~14 days, but they are just written as statements, nobody will comment if this is not in a reddit-like post with comments right on spot.
This all seems very controlled to me and this is exactly what Libra shouldn’t be about - it will be near to impossible to build a community by giving up no control whatsoever.

I can’t give good advice on how to do better, just this: if you mean to build a community, close this forum, create a reddit subgroup, find 3-4 people who want to be moderators and just write about Libra. And be open to discussions on an open forum. Otherwise you will attract devs maybe, but no “influencers”, no people from other technologies, no kids who love your product. I wouldn’t risk this at the beginning of such a project.


Hi ice09, I also believe that this community can be better. But I personally disagree on closing this forum because in the future it would like removing a part of the history.

Perhaps someone should start a parallel conversation on reddit.

Also, I believe there should working groups. I’ve personally been involved with Wordpress and I believe they have a good example of working groups such as “Core”, “Design”, “Marketing”.

Anyway, just my 2 cents.

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I think closing the forum would just show the willingness to learn form the current situation - of course it could stay read-only forever, even be still functional for real QAs, but just not for community building.
Working groups sound good, haven’t experienced it. But just creating a Reddit group is difficult, as the first one was “hijacked” quite funnily, just look at /r/libra
But that’s the point, this is going nowhere and the inital momentum has already been stopped by not planning the setup of this in a good way by learning from other communities.
Lets hope they try it for “Libra 2.0” now.

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