Bridge between Polkadot and Diem

Hi community,
Our team have built a bridge between Polkadot and Diem.

pDiem is a compliant privacy-preserving layer for Diem on Polkadot ecosystem. Powered by Phala Network confidential contract, it can protect the privacy of Diem users. More specifically, pDiem is:

  • A cross-chain bridge connecting Polkadot ecosystem with Diem’s m(b)illions of users, offering a host of Polkadot-based services and applications to Diem holders and an on-ramp to massive user base for Polkadot.
  • A privacy-preserving stablecoin on Polkadot that is both compliant (a single transaction is limited in value up to the no-KYC requirements by FATF) and allows for scalable value transfers in stable asset (think remittances, everyday spending, micro-payments for services). Imagine using your current account without any bank or credit provider tracking your purchases/spendings.
  • A privacy-preserving DApp ecosystem that is more open and free than Facebook-operated Novi (formerly known as Calibra).

The project was initially named pLIBRA (“Privacy-preserving Libra”). “In December 2020, Libra was rebranded as Diem.” Since then we have followed Diem’s rebranding, and renamed the project to pDiem.

pDiem is also a Web3 foundation grant project.

We already publish the demo, feel free to try!

If you are interested in contact us, please send Email to