Best Libra-Javascript API?

What Javascript API would your recommend right now?
I’m using, but it looks broken with the latest testnet changes.

You can try this one

I have built a js library based on my golang library.


Thanks for the post! You might also want to re-post in the What I Made category.

Nice, I will give it a try.

If you are looking for a javascript libra library kulapio/libra-core and gopherjs-libra are the ones you should look at. libra-core is a bit more simple but does not include all functionality. We have not open-sourced our client yet, but we will in the next couple of months.

neither of libra-core or gopherjs-libra working right now. How long it would take to you to release the official libra js client? Where we can track the status of this?

Also, will it include the account creation and wrapper for transactions?