Best IDE for Move Programming Language?

Any Recommendations on the IDE and Development setup for Move?


any existing Rust ide would work as Move is a DSL implemented in Rust.

Rust forum discussion of ides:

Looks like anything with a Rust syntax checker / linter works.


Pasting direct link to IDEs from the answer @aljones15 posted above.

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Move is not a Rust DSL. The Move virtual machine is implemented in Rust, and the syntax of Move IR is (intentionally) quite similar to Rust. This means that existing syntax highlighters for Rust will work reasonably well, but other Rust-related tooling (e.g., semantic autocomplete, linters) will not work for Move.

Our team has some emacs and Vim plugins for Move IR that we can share soon. But it’s important to note that Move developer experience is very much a work in progress! The IR + compiler were built to serve as testing tools for the VM/bytecode verifier and have not been polished for developer use.


ahhh ok thanks for the clarification.
When reading the whitepaper I got the feeling there were differences from Rust, but the thread in Reddit suggested that Move is more an extension of Rust than rather a syntactically similar language. so would most of Rust’s standard library work in Move?

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Thank you @sam finger crossed

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Ideally, I’d like to see a Move IDE that is similar to Solidity Remix with a connection to testnet and of course built-in compiler. Where can I get a Move compiler, bytecode Verifier and bytecode Execution program? Want to write compliance stuff for Libra Tn’s!!!


@LingTian has created this browser based IDE that seem to fit the bill of what you are looking for. There are also extensions for VS Code (and possibly other IDEs as well) that provides syntax highlighting, auto complete, and more.


@sam may I ask whether the Emacs plugin has released yet? thanks

Hello there!

I’ve just published Move language package for Atom.
Feel free to use it and submit bugs/fixes.

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Right now best IDE is VSCode with this package.

Supports both Move and Mvir, supports compiler, has built in Language Server and syntax errors highlighting. Enjoy!