Benefit of being libra participant? (libra 2.0)

I think that Libra 2.0 is really nice and hope that we can see it in the real world.

But I have a few questions that can’t find the answer from the white paper.

  1. In libra network version 2.0, there are many types of participant, e.g.,
  • Designated Dealers
  • Virtual Asset Service Provider
  • Unhosted Wallet Users

what is the benefit of each type above? how will they make money from joining the libra network?

  1. can one company be multiple types?
    e,g., company A would like to be both “Designated Dealers” and “Virtual Asset Service Provider” type

Thank you

Hi, @piggyman007. Thanks for your questions. You may find a bit more information, from a developer’s perspective, in this blog post, and the glossary links in it:

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Hi ,

In my opinion
1 —

  • Designated dealers are companies that have the right to buy and sell Libra, they will be able to interact with Libra Networks (the company that mint Libra), they will probably make money taking some fees when people buy and sell Libra.
  • Virtual Asset Service Providers are companies that offer services around Libra (such as Custody, Exchange, Insurance, Credit …), they should have a license to operate , or being accredited by Libra Association. People will pay for their services
  • Unhosted Wallet Users are company, startups … , that are not accredited but want to offer services around Libra , they have limit of transaction or Libra they hold. People will pay for their services.

2 - in my opinion, a company could be both Designated dealers and VAPS.