As it come to all end

It as not come to all end,MarkZuckerberg,Facebook executives, Libra association,estimated 170million of Facebook user globally (Global Facebook family-GFF) We will not go down to the night despite the disapprovement of Libra coin by the USA government in which,USA it self have2.2billion uses of Facebook. But we willl move on, the world&people in it are system that one day,not long,will yield and believed in the future of Libra coin&what it will unfold.we are in the world of willing power&willing force,libracion is a willing force that willing power need,so the global economy will remained in it state of conatus of willing power on till the force of Libra coin act on it." LIBRA COIN ISA BEACON& FUTURE OF CRYPTOCURRENCY,IT’S A QUANTUM FORCE CYBER CURRENCY THAT CAN’T BE STOPED BUT WILLINGLY ACCEPTED "

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