Application scenarios of LBR coin?

Hi, LBR coin is synthetic, Coin1 and Coin2 are non-synthetic. LBR must be backed by the reserve of fiat coins in order to exist. but still don’t quite understand the significance of LBR.

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I’m not sure if your question is about LBR in Move or LBR more generally. If the second one, here is what the Libra whitepaper says:

For countries that do not have a single-currency stablecoin on the Libra network, we believe ≋LBR is a neutral and low-volatility alternative that could ensure users in such regions can benefit from accessing the network and increased financial inclusion. In this context, ≋LBR could operate as a settlement coin in cross-border transactions, and people and businesses could convert the ≋LBR they receive into local currency to spend on goods and services through third-party financial service providers. For example, consider a Libra user in the US wanting to send money to their family in another country. The sender in the US would likely use ≋USD as their default Libra Coin to make the transfer. If the receiver lives in a region with a different single-currency stablecoin on the Libra network, the sender could transfer that single-currency stablecoin or the receiver could convert ≋USD to that single-currency stablecoin or local currency through a third-party financial service provider, providing a convenient and simple option for the receiver to access and use the funds. If a single-currency stablecoin is not available, the transfer could be made in ≋LBR. The receiver could convert ≋LBR into their local currency through a third-party financial service provider to buy goods and services in that currency.

Thank you for your answer, it answers my question. I have seen the create and unpack of LBR , does it provide an interface for the exchange of a certain one stablecoin to LBR? If provided, how often to_lbr_exchange_rate needs to be updated.

There is no on-chain interface for exchanging single-currency stablecoins for LBR. The to_lbr_exchange rate is only used for normalizing the value of currencies (which is needed in a few cases such as prioritizing transactions based on gas price).