Anyone else failing to get AccountStateBlob ?

I noticed that since yesterday (possibly even earlier but not sure) when returning AccountStateWithProof it seems that AccountStateBlob is missing. This seems to be the behavior that should happen for non-existent accounts but it seems to happen for all account addresses (using the same gRPC calls and address format that previously returned the blob).

I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or noticed a change that might be the cause?

Probably because the testnet was reset on 24th (see Announcements).

thanks I already went over the listed changes in the release announcement but didn’t find a relevant one.

still, the basic functionality of getting account blob (incl e.g balance) seems to be gone…
Using an old client I can’t get the balance for accounts that exist. trying to build a new client I get build errors…

Hi Diskin,

If the account is not included in the ledger, you will still get crypto proof of the nonexistence of that account. So the server can’t simply drop the data, otherwise the proof won’t pass.

What is the address you are querying for? What’s the output?

I see similar behavior. Specifically, take block version 250328 for instance. This block shows a mint of 999999.0 Libra to account 55bddaf0f0a0176ed6c747c08c89b6a8f5993cb1edd9e16f4274cafff47eca95. Yet when that account is queried by gRPC, there is no blob. Further, in the CLI client, the command> libra% query balance 55bddaf0f0a0176ed6c747c08c89b6a8f5993cb1edd9e16f4274cafff47eca95
results in Balance is: 0.000000.

So, the block version shows a mint transaction, the gRPC shows no account exists, and the CLI client shows that the account has a balance of 0. It would seem that the mint transaction did not result in an a funded account, and that the CLI incorrectly implies that the account exists but has no funds.

Most versions of the testnet blockchain appear to have this behavior.

Hi @gdbaldw, Jul 24th testnet has set a mint limit of 1000 Libra (although the comment says 1B, it is actually 1B microLibra). So your mint transaction was not executed.