Another testnet explorer

Hi Libra community, i have created another testnet explorer please check it out.
I would love to receive a feedback from you.
I started from the development of C# SDK and it turn into scanner, thats why SDK is not ready yet but the explorer is already published. :joy:


Hi @Rio900,

I just try your “view”, and this is my result

It’s different with my balance in my wallet,

And the balance can’t be minus as I know.
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face::coffee:

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ohhhh, thx i will fix

Thanks, nice to help. And as I look into your stats, it’s easier for me to read, especially you are giving a “out” note, so I know the Libra is minting also has a gas price stats, so it more detail. But the question is, are those transactions still don’t have any gas price?

In most cases gas price is zero but i have seen transactions where it is not a zero. Thets why i desided to show it

Can you give me an example?

Also thanks, my balance in your stats already fixed.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face::coffee: :+1:

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Here they are:

I see that i have to show Max Gas Amount too in transaction list

Also Min Gas Amount, I think

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Nice work!

Spotted a typo:

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Thanks, already fixed :+1:

What are the general steps to build a block explorer like this? I’d like to try and build one as a learning exercise.

Do you run a testnet node on Google Cloud / AWS and make your backend execute read-queries there? Then point the returned data to an API endpoint which your frontend makes requests to?

I have no idea but am eager to learn.


@move, sorry for the late answer, I had a lot of work.

  1. For understanding libra blockchain, you should install the validator node, but for explorer it isn’t necessary.
  2. Download sdk for you favorite language (gRPC clients in other languages) and download transactions in you database.
  3. Next step is to build web interface.
    Also, it’s important to track all the updates of the testnet.

Thank you so much!

A quick follow up question - is the only reason for using a db to store the data rather than query the blockchain each time because it’s faster to read from the db?

Are there any other reasons?

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@move, input transactions, you need a database for showing input transactions on an address

I’ve been using the gRPC for Javascript and noticed an odd change in the returned data from version 10068-10409 (image at the bottom). All transactions outside that range seem to be returning the same data. The gRPC call I am using is “get_transactions”.

From versions 1-10067 you can see the “to” address for a transaction with result.txn_list_with_proof.transactions[0].raw_txn_bytes.program.argumentsList[0].data

However starting version 10068 (and ending version 10409) the new JSON response is different in that aspect where I cannot see the “to” address or “amount” sent. Getting the data in argumentsList[0].data now returns “//////////////////////////////////////////8=” for every single transaction and the amount shows “AQAAAAAAAAA=”.

Picture is attached for clarity (top transaction is version 10067 and the second one is 10068).

Let me know if anyone has noticed the issue as well, and if there’s a workaround to get the correct data from those 340 transactions. Thanks


Having the same issue here.

Yours may be in git? I want to see the issue as well.

@move , @lorepieri8 , @tommyyama2020
Transaction 10068 dosent have Program object in RawTransaction, they have Script. Wen it have Script, object Program is null.


Sir, Appreciated!! Well, I am a virgin here in crypto currency field.
Can you give me some simplified explanations why this happens?