Announcing PyLibra, a Python SDK client for Libra

Hi everyone,

TLDR: We have just published PyLibra :snake:, a Python Libra client. It has client-side wallet functionality, as well as allows you to query account info, creating, signing, and sending transactions.

I’m Sorawit from Band Protocol. Over the past weekend, we have been tinkering with Libra’s key management and transaction signing mechanism (which contains a few magic strings and is quite not-so-well documented). And the end result is a Python library that anyone can utilizes to connect to the Libra blockchain (both testnet and local nodes) without needing to go through the CLIs!

Example usages can be found on the Github repository, page. Feel free to test it out and let me know if you have any questions. Feedbacks and pull requests are welcome!


Do you know if something similar in JavaScript exists? Thanks!

:raised_hands: Yes! We’re working on a JS version as well - though it comes with a bit of hassles due to the lack of browser support of HTTP/2 that gRPC requires.

Stay tuned! We’ll release it in the next few days


there is a couple of them for sure, look here

@sorawit you should PR your solution into the awesome list also :slight_smile: Great work

Submitted a PR and got merged. :tada: Thanks for your suggestion!

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I am getting errors in mint, and now send_transaction. Is PyLibra working for anyone?

vm_status {
  validation {
    code: UnknownScript
    message: "none"

I’m currently writing one, seea python libra client.
It’s under heavy development and have no docs now. But it works with the testnet. After last testnet reset, the pyliba doen’t work with transactions and events.