Announcing libra-client: A CLI inteface Libra client and Python API for Libra blockchain

I think libra explorer is broken. Maybe it’s old cached data from previous testnet blockchain.

$ libra t lv
“latest_version”: 349

There’s only 349 transactions now. You can verify it by run “./scripts/cli/”

libra% q as f270b16e2fec7a10937d0c32eec34a9b2280a7ab8a64e75aa8c84e3583158349

Getting latest account state
Latest account state is:
Account: f270b16e2fec7a10937d0c32eec34a9b2280a7ab8a64e75aa8c84e3583158349
State: None
Blockchain Version: 349

Libra-client is updated to version 0.6.3 to support latest testnet update(10.30).


Hi Yuan,

I updated libra and now when I’m trying to run your libra client I’m getting the following error

q b b7c0e4396959473febf37fc22a763da9619d314d998cb2b35006c3916baf
“ERROR”: “Get the current balance of an account: Malformed proof. Bitmap not match non-default siblings”

Bitmap proof is no longer exsits in latest Libra. What’s your libra-client's version? You can check it by run:

$libra -V

You can update libra-client to version “0.6.7”.

BTW, address “b7c0e4396959473febf37fc22a763da9619d314d998cb2b35006c3916baf” is not a valid address, seems lack 4 chars.

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After doing an update of the client everything works fine thanks a lot !

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libra-client is updated to version ‘0.6.14’ to support the latest Testnet.

Major changes are:

  • Derive CryptoHasher in python. Many hash related address are changed.
  • Deprecate TransactionPayload::Program.
  • Support ChangeSet, Add events in WriteSet transaction
  • Add BlockMetadata Transaction
  • Add metadata payload to PaymentReceivedEvent
  • Add round for ledger_info
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Libra-client has a huge update. We split it into two projects: libra-core and libra-client.

libra-core has the core libra types with lcs/hash support and the proofs. So others can reuse the library to quickly implement their own libra clients.

libra-client has wallet library / key factory / client api, as well as command line tools.

The latest version is ‘0.7.2’ and major changes are:

  1. First client library to support validator change proof
  2. Support weighted voting of validators
  3. New DevCommand: add_validator, remove_validator, gen_waypoint
  4. Remove parameter validator_set_file on client init
  5. Support metadata in p2p transfer command
  6. Update Compiled move bytecode format
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thanks for share! :+1:

Libra-client and Libra-core project is updated from version ‘0.7.10’ to version ‘0.8.1’.

Major changes are:

  1. Address switch from 256 bit -> 128 bit
  2. Add gas_specifier to RawTransaction, rename TransactionArgument ByteArray to U8Vector
  3. Change SignedTransaction, add new authenticator field, remove ‘public-key’ and signature fields.
  4. Add param auth_key_prefix to mint and ‘p2p’ script
  5. Balance is not in account resource, but in balance resource
  6. update BlockMetadata(remove signatures and turn votes into vec) and NewBlockEvent

MoveOnLibra API and explorer are also updated.

Because Libra was changed its protocol from grpc to json-rpc, libra-client will switched to json-rpc in the following month.

And we create an archived version of libra-client talking grpc protocol with Libra project, tested with libra version bb728128263ba54e311bf38cf1e573792e652096, Wed Apr 15. The project is here libra-client-grpc

thought the launch of Libra was shelved ?

@tommyyama2020 You might have missed this: and this

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I had this side in this community for buy and sell Libra it’s legit?