Announcing a free, open source code school for Facebook’s Libra Blockchain

Hi folks,

Robert from Loom Network here.

If you are unfamiliar with Loom — we are dedicated to building the best tools for blockchain/dapp developers.

Our thesis is that developers should be able to build a dapp just once and offer it to all the users on all the blockchains simultaneously without limiting the reach of their dapp.

In order to do this, we have already integrated with major blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, and Binance.

We are also planning on integrating with Libra, Cosmos, and other major chains as they emerge.

That’s not what this post is about though.

This post is about teaching as many developers as possible about Facebook’s Libra Blockchain and the Move programming language — in a fun, interactive manner.

For context, we are also the creators of CryptoZombies — which is the most popular code school for learning Solidity, with over 415,672+ students.

Since we have a ton of experience building, fun, interactive (and FREE) courses for developers, we have decided to make a course for Libra and Move — and it’s going to be apart of CryptoZombies…

We will soon be releasing the first part of our Libra development course, and it will be completely free and open source.

The course’s interactive format teaches you how to code with Libra and Move, while building a simple, functional game.

Plus, since it starts with the absolute basics and walks you through step by step — you’ll be able to advance at your own pace.

Here’s are a few early screenshots of the course:

We are now putting the finishing touches on the very first lesson.

If you are a developer, we’d love to get some feedback on this first version of the course so we can improve it at a much faster rate — which will benefit everyone.

If you are into that sort of a thing, please go here and enter your email — We (and all future libra students) would be very grateful for your help.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


CryptoZombies for Ethereum is 100% the best programming course I’ve taken.

Definitely looking forward the Move version. Count me in!


Thanks for the great words, gangster :metal:

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hey robert, i’ve left my mail a couple of weeks ago.

Never recieved news in exchange (maybe spam filters?). but it would be nice to be able to follow the dev. Meanwhile i will Castle :slight_smile:


Looking forward to my learning journey with you guys!


Hey, Lucas. Thanks for signing up :slightly_smiling_face:
We’ll be in touch with everyone next week once the first lesson lands.

Exciting times ahead!


Indeed, very exciting times ahead.


Loom Network’s Libra Course has launched on our CryptoZombies code school :tada:

Go ahead and dive right into Lesson 1 — You’ll learn how to use the CLI to connect to the Libra testnet, create accounts, get LBR from a faucet, check balances, and send LBR to other accounts.

:point_right: Start learning Libra and Move with CryptoZombies