Amount of validators in testnet

Hi, I would like to know how many validators are currently part of the testnet.

At the moment, there are only ten validator instances running – however, you’re free to set up your own local one.

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And if we can set up a node, can we be included in the testnet?

Hi @braduf, you cannot currently connect your local node to the testnet, but you are free to spin up your own network with any number of nodes

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Ok, thanks for the answer. And is it not something you are planning to do later on to be able to test the network better and also against malicious/faulty validators?

Is there any difference in code
between what has been open sourced on
and the code that the 10 validator nodes are running on?

Or to rephrase the question — would it be possible to mimic exactly what
the 10 validator nodes are currently doing, by using only what’s on Libra’s github?

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We are running the same code on our testnet. It may be trailing github by some period though since we aren’t deploying daily. We also have some custom configuration items on AWS, but you should be able to replicate what we are doing yourself


Thank you for the super quick reply! :ok_hand::grinning: