Add "extraData" to transactions and/or Coin transfers?

I would like to add external 3rd party payment clients and implement a kind of “challenge-response” pattern to correlate payments (eg. the service gives you a random number and you have to pay Libra with the signed number in a extra data field).

As I understand it this extra data could be on rawTransaction or on “Coin-Transaction”/Smart Contract level, but I couldn’t find a possibility. Is there something like “extraData” on transaction level or planned to be included on LibraCoin level (eg. transfer(_to, _amount, _extraData))?

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This currently isn’t possible, but eventually transactions will have a subaddress field that can hold data like this in a memo.


Cool, can you link to more information on this? I think thats what I am looking for, though the terms subaddress and memo dont make sense to me.

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Check out out the linked issue from my previous post, which is quite detailed: The issue owner should be able to answer terminology questions if the proposal in the issue doesn’t cover them.

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Nice, thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for and even more. Didn’t know about this WG.

As a side note: I like the way Ethereum differs between proposals and other issues, like ERC/EIP might be considerable for Libra as well.