Abracalibra - a Testnet wallet

Hi all,
Excited to have a wallet around the Testnet. Called “abracalibra”, with a nod to the Calibra wallet, this asks for an email id, associates a wallet with it and provides simple options to mint (via the faucet) or transfer. It shows a small list of transactions and lets you copy the account ID so that you can check the remaining details of the account on other excellent Libra explorer options like librabrowser.io or libexplorer.com. Very much in an early stage. Good to have your feedback, issues, suggestions.
Thank you.



hey there, congrats on launch !

You should PR your service here https://github.com/learndapp/awesome-libra

also, care to detail the technical implementation ? Are you planning to open source ?

Cheers ! :cowboy_hat_face:

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It is a python based wallet, using the GRPC API. It builds on the excellent work done by pylibra, libra-go and librabrowser.
The code is too messy to open source at the moment. Once it gets cleaned up, then yes.