A $10 smartphone powered by Libra

Hi. I created a website to try to propose the idea of the Libra Association developing a $10 smartphone that would be powered by Libra.


What do you think of the idea? Moderators, can you help this reach Mark Zuckerberg and the Libra team?


Hey Ed! I think that your project is an important progress for the general principles that Libra raises as their main objectives. I really like your vision and the way that you understood and interpreted these global neccessity.
Please, if I could help you in some way, feel free to contact me :grinning: .

Regards, Mischell Pérez L.


Thanks Missi.

I think the only way we can execute this is with Libra Association´s help. Do you have any idea on how we could get their attention?

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Hey Ed, maybe you could try with this questionary about how to become a Libra’s partner:

And I think that you could try by social media too.


Wowww, I like the idea of having a cheap mobile (or device) that can work with crypto wallet. There must be some idea that the device (or owner) can do to help on decentralize process to make value. (Even it’s cheap or free)


You have an amazing vision, Ed. Kudos to you for helping those who need it :slightly_smiling_face:

The WELOVU name is perfect!

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This venture has a lot of meaning and ambition, but it doesn’t seem evident from your original post. Perhaps adding a few of the key points to your post here would help communicate to the folks who don’t click through to your website.

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Thanks @robert-loom and all the friends who posted encouraging words in this thread.

Since I created this post, I assembled a team of co-founders and we further validated the Lovecrypto idea. Please, click here to see our new website.

We developed an App that will reward users in cryptocurrency or dollars to do online tasks paid by businesses. That may be the first step to create the WELOVU phones. And people in Venezuela and other countries will be able to earn some money by doing simple online tasks that are paid by businesses.

This is the begining of a world of shared prosperity! And in the near future it will be integrated with Libra~s blockchain.

We are looking for investors. If anyone is interested, please, click here to see our pitck deck and you can send me an email in hi@lovecrypto.xyz .



Looking really good!

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Thanks, friend. We are participating in an Ideo / Coinlist hackaton in which the 1st prize gets $10k. We are in the Adoptathon phase, meaning that the team who gets more traction wins.

If the friends here could try our App and leave 5 stars and encouraging words in the Play/App Stores, it would help us a lot.

You can get the App in our Site: http://lovecrypto.net

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I think childrens will be very happy, and I am talking of lonely childrens poor childrens abbadoned childrens. The other, Bigs, must accept.

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СПАСИБО ссылку получила, но к сожалению в украине не работает, что делать? есть ли приложение работающее в Украине, благодарю.

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Hello Edrodrigues i very much believe these bases could mean everthing to the common on the streets and Farms of Africa and other lesser economies…the power of LIBRA would be in the numbers of adopted and 1st time users…can we share views on the designs and template to suit basic needs and demography of community users?

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When can we start…I published a report on my experience with a model typed of android go,here in Nigeria.

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Good, but you need something new from a new type. This type of idea is full on the network and people looking for free profit are sick of sites that do not pay or fraudulent, so I think it will direct you some difficulties to prove your idea and its authenticity in the network. Serious, because this will be good in all cases. I think that here in the Arab countries I am looking for free profit. This will benefit them if he is serious.

Good ideas. Bulk purchase. We’ll calculated